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New Meal Plans Are Now Available!

I have been working hard on selecting delicious, simple meal plans to help you get to your health and fertility goals and I am so pleased to be able to release them to you on World Health Day!

As any of you that follow my social media posts know, I believe that what we eat and drink has the largest single effect on our health, wellbeing and fertility. When coaching my clients through their individual journeys, whether it be to improve specific medical conditions or to bring a beautiful life into the world, I include nutrition protocols that are tailored to their needs. We literally are what we eat.

I have always wanted to offer delicious, simple meal plans to help share the benefits and joy of home made food and here they are! The details of them are below but you can see them here. Read on to get a discount voucher code below!

Four Meal Plans

To cater for all preferences and time pressures, I have launched 4 different meal plans;

  • Fresh Start Plan

  • Super-Vegan

  • Protein Power

  • Five to Thrive

Each meal plan includes shopping lists, clear receipes, key macros, calories and also a barcode to scan the meal into MyFitnessPal so you can track things so easily! I recommend MyFitnessPal to help give you a clear picture of what you are taking in!

01 - Fresh Start Plan

This is a seven day plan to kick start your changes away from the sugar heavy, processed food lives we live. With delicious simple to make meals, packed with vitamins to make you glow.

02 - Super-Vegan

Choosing a vegan approach to nutrition needs a little imagination to get all the right nutrition to give us our super lives! With two weeks of unique delicious meals you'll be putting on your cape in no time!

03 - Protein Power

Protein is a key macro nutrient and can be leveraged to eat our way to reducing weight while feeling pleasantly full and powering our way to healthy life! This plan includes two week of meals with high quality protein sources to feel great!

04 - Five to Thrive

Time is always in shorter supply than we would like! My clients often tell me they haven't got the time to make quality food a priority! This two week meal plan is filled with receipes that contain only 5 ingredients making them super quick to make but still provide a delicious, nutritious menu! Quick doesn't always have to be unhealthy!

I cannot wait to hear the amazing changes that you will feel when adopting my meal plans! I am certain that you will begin to feel the benefit from the first bite!

Discount Voucher

Thank you for taking the time to read about our exciting meal plans! If you use the code "4for3" at checkout, you will receive all four of our new meal plans for the price of three, a 25% saving on the cost!


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