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Could It Really Work???

6 years ago I left my job managing gyms and decided to venture out alone.. self employed as a Sports Massage Therapist.. no clients .. no venue but I was absolutely determined to make this work. Within no time I realised this was the BEST decision of my life, I had two clinics and was loving it ! I soon qualified in Pregnancy Massage as this was a contraindication in my previous qualification. I thought my life was complete until one day a lady messaged me, asking if I offered “Fertility Massage”, in which my reply was “I have never heard of it, but I will Google it”.

6 weeks later, I was in Deal, Kent about to start my new journey, apprehensive and skeptical. Thinking…. Could Fertility Massage Therapy actually work ? If this therapy actually works, then why do so many couples need IVF ? Surely a simple Massage couldn’t help a couple conceive ? Well…. The course was wonderful, my tummy felt free, my mind felt clear and my body felt energised, slowly the apprehension was disappearing as weeks passed by … I was just waiting for a sign that this was my calling… then it came.

A couple contacted me, my first ever couple, excited but slightly nervous. Here is their story:

“I suffer from Endometriosis, and my husband has a low sperm count, due to a reversed vasectomy. We decided to try for the 4th and final time of IVF (ICSI) treatment and found that Kerry did Fertility Massages, so we thought we would give it a go. We both had two treatments before egg collection. We got 16 eggs in total, 11 of them fertilised. From those I had 2 eggs returned and 4 eggs frozen (which we have never had before). I am now 17 weeks pregnant, at my 8 week scan the doctor commented that in 5 years he had been seeing me, my ovaries had never looked so good. 13 weeks before that, there had been 3 big cysts on my ovaries and now there was only 1 (which was much smaller). We also found that my husband had much better sperm than before. So thank you Kerry so much, for everything and thank you for checking up on us to see how we are doing” Marie – 20/09/13

This answered my questions, it had worked… a truly emotionally moment where fireworks exploded in my heart and I had found my new love. A beautiful, healthy baby girl was born and is now 2.5 years old.

IMAGINE with all your mind…

BELIEVE with all your heart…

ACHIEVE with all your might …

Much love… K 💗

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