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About Kerry

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"this is not my job,
it is my love, my passion and my life."

My name is Kerry and I am the creator of Lifestyle Fertility Therapy and Lifestyle Health Therapy. I have helped over 400 couples conceive, often in the most challenging circumstances and many more people who suffer from debilitating conditions that affect their day to day lives.

My clinic is based in Tenterden, Kent in the UK but I also take clients from further away with video consultations - I have helped people as far away as Australia!

I started my career in improving the health of others over 18 years ago as qualified personal trainer and nutritional advisor. Health and lifestyle underpinned my approach right from the beginning.

​In 2010 I opened two clinics; one in Tenterden, Kent and the other in Hastings, East Sussex, both in the UK. I focused on Sports and Injury Massage, which quickly progressed through further educationa and training to Pregnancy Massage, then Digestive Massage.


Since then I have constantly sought to broadened my knowledge, undertaking further education in a wide range of areas including nutrition, supplementation, yoga, hormone management and blood analysis, finally developing Lifestyle Fertility Therapy and Lifestyle Health Therapy. In 2020 I opened my first purpose built treatment room in Kent, UK.

My first Lifestyle Fertility Therapy baby was born in February 2014 and since then I have helped over 400 couples to successfully conceive. During 2016 my mum passed away and experiencing this has given me the drive to try to positively change as many people’s lives as possible.








What to expect when you have treatment.

I will be with you from start to finish of your journey, helping you with sound and robust nutritional, supplemental and lifestyle change protocols combined with physical exercises in addition to a listening ear to help restore your faith in your body.

​The journeys my clients go through is eye opening. To see them on their first video call nervous, anxious, disheartened, close to giving up but also in pain is heart breaking… but to see them blossom throughout sessions is absolutely the reason why I love my job. Actually for those who know me, they know this is not my job, it is my LOVE .. my PASSION and my LIFE.

I can't wait to meet you and see how I can help you on your journey!

"I have helped over 400 couples successfully conceive"


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