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Energy / Libido

Improving Energy and Libido


Our modern lives, lifestyles and nutrition can take a significant toll on us. We may feel depleted, lacking in the necessary get up and go and as a result a lack of desire for our partner. It is possible to reclaim ourselves.

Appointments to investigate the causes of your drop in energy or libido are open to all. Kerry will closely review your current situation and recommend any further investigations or blood tests to identify any deficiences. Following which Kerry will coach holistic changes that will correct these and give you the greatest chance of recovering the spring in your step!

Kerry will address problems such as:

  • Poor energy

  • Lethargy

  • Decreased libido

  • Confidence surrounding libido

  • Poor sleep

  • Muscular pain

These will be addressed by assessing the client's medical history, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise regime, blood results and hormones and then implementing a holistic protocol to improve in all of these areas.

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