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Delicious Organic Peanut Butter Rice Cakes Recipe!

Do you sometimes struggle to stay on track with your diet when trying to progress to your wellness or fertility goals! Me too! It is so important to have a little of what we enjoy and to enjoy it without the guilt! Check out this amazing recipe in this post!

I'll let you into a secret, when we indulge a little, our happy and relaxed hormones (which are so important for weight loss, health and of course conception) flush through our body bringing a host of benefits!

Today I made a set of these organic peanut butter rice cakes which are also dairy and gluten free (when you buy ingredients that are certified so). They were AMAZING and the key difference between these and any chocolate snack you can buy in a shop is the very low sugar content! As I am sure you are aware, I do recommend reducing sugar for all my clients!

If you do have a nut or other allergy to any of the ingredients, this one is *not* for you! Keep following my blog and let me know what you would like for you in the future!

So here is the recipe!

1) Take one lightly salted wholegrain organic rice cake.

2) Spread 10 grams of 100% peanuts peanut butter on the rice cake.

3) Melt 15 grams of Lindt 70% dark chocolate gently in a bowl so that it is lovely and runny.

4) Chop up 5 grams of organic peanuts.

5) Pour the Lindt chocolate across the rice cake covering most of the surface.

6) Sprinkle on the chopped peanuts and also 1 gram of organic Cacao Nibs.

7) Put the whole thing in the fridge until the chocolate goes hard (or in the freezer if you are impatient!)

8) Eat your delicious snack GUILT FREE!

(For more than one rice cake, just increase the ingredients but keep each rice cake to the above grams!)

Key Macros

Kerry's Organic Rice Cake

Snickers Bar

Protein - 7 grams

Protein - 4.6 grams

Carbohydrates - 13 grams

Carbohydrates - 26 grams

Sugars - 6 grams

Sugars - 22 grams

Kcalories - 212

Kcalories - 245

Of course it is important to make sure you match the calories into your daily plan! There is no such thing as a calorie free food and eating too many of these or any other snack will make it more difficult to achieve your goals! However, these delicious rice cakes will give you great pleasure without ingesting large amounts of sugar, which is replaced by healthy fats!

Please let me know how you get on and what you would like to see next!

Until then, yours in health and wellness, Kerry xxx


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