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Video consultations now available following government guidelines on Covid 19

My goodness what an unsettling time for us all!

Following many questions from my clients I wanted to say a few words to reassure those of you who have booked appointments with me during this unique time. Firstly, although the world is currently going through many challenges due to Covid-19, it does not mean that your journeys of fertility will be derailed! I am here to help you all and I will continue to do so. :-)

To that end, I am extending my video consultation service to all my clients, not just the ones who live a great distance from me and cannot attend to see me in person. A great deal of the work that I do with my clients centres around diagnosing and managing lifestyle choices, nurtritional deficiences, health and fitness considerations, medical concerns, emotional blocks, cycle timing and other matters, all of which I do via a video consultation.

Although seeing me in person is often a preference for my clients, it is by no means necessary in order to progress your journey with me. In the current climate, it also appears to be the most prudent choice based on the latest government guidelines. Therefore as of today, all my appointments will have the option of a video consultation, if this is your preferred choice please contact me.

My normal appointment cancellation and change policies still apply, please do make sure you read everything I send you completely so you are fully informed!

This situation will pass and we will all be stronger for it.

All my love, K xx

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