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So.. have you ever thought about your womb positioning? Did you know that your womb could be in a completely different position to mine? It is one of those things we take for granted and assume that it will just be in the right place like our heart. Our womb is located within the pelvic region, which is shaped like a beautiful pear, it is located behind the bladder and in front of the rectum, that part is the same for everyone, however the angle in which the womb sits varies from person to person.

Over the years we have just learned to accept that many of us ladies have ‘tilted wombs’.

Whilst there has been no scientific evidence that having a tilted womb can affect fertility, I believe it can make a difference, so if we can make lifestyle changes to reposition your womb, then this is another box ticked to hopefully combat infertility. So what signs would you expect to see or feel which could indicate that your womb may be out of position?

  • Painful sex

  • Painful periods

  • Minor incontinence

  • Difficulty using tampons

  • Brown blood during your period

  • Lower back pain with your period

What can cause your womb to move position, I hear you asking?? Well there are a variety of things that can hinder position, such as:

  • Adhesions

  • Scar tissue,

  • Endometriosis,

  • Previous pregnancies,

  • Where you are in your cycle,

  • But the one subject I am here to talk about today….. Posture.

Here comes the personal confession….My womb and cervix used to be tilted, for me this would cause brown blood in my cycle, painful sex, extremely painful periods and difficulty when having a smear. Do I have any of these symptoms anymore…. Absolutely not ! My lovely womb is now behaving and sitting where she should and I will tell you how I changed this, I become more active. Here are a couple of things which are so simple that all ladies should be changing in their daily routine..

1. Sitting correctly

2. Regular squats

If you have ever been to my clinics you will have heard me talk about our ancestors having lots of children and chances are, they did not struggle to conceive and I believe one of the reasons is due to having very active jobs and lifestyles. They walked everywhere as they did not have cars and certainly did not sit down of an evening to catch up on soaps. So when you are sitting at work, imagine your pelvis is a bowl which is full with liquid, the liquid will easily spill, so sit up nice and tall to keep the fluid in the bowl. If you rock back onto your coccyx your bowl will empty

As babies we squat to pick up toys as we get older we hinge at the hips instead and forget about this wonderful exercise, in some countries they still adopt this method when eating and going to the toilet, which we would probably class as third world but I think it is sensible. Squats are a wonderful way to strengthen pelvic floor and promote pelvic health which = correct womb position

So here we go, lets practice this..

Set up:

stand with your feet shoulder width apart. You can relax your arms by your side, this will be your starting position for each rep.

Begin the movement by flexing your knees and hips, sitting back, as if you are going to sit on a chair.

Continue down to full depth if you are able, so that your knees are in line with your hips.

As you squat, keep your head and chest up and push your knees out, so they are in line with your toes.

On the return to a standing position, come up as slowly as you did the decent.

Try initially to do 2 sets of 10 daily.

Here are a few words from a previous client of mine who came to me with a tilted womb.

“I'd had a previous c section and was struggling to conceive. I had ONE massage with you which showed I wasn't aligned... After, I felt a few stretches and pulls in my abdomen from the massage. Not uncomfortable and you had warned me this could happen but I definitely felt a difference. I was advised not to try that month and have a few more treatments. But completely by accident it happened a few weeks after your massage and I now have a gorgeous 4month old. I cannot thank you enough. I'm really skeptical of this kind of thing usually but I genuinely think if it wasn't for the treatment I could still be trying”

Lasting words.

Every time you sit down imagine you still have a tail, so you cannot rock back and slouch then watch your cycle change over the coming months.

As always I am very glad to hear from you! Please message me for a consultation!

Much love

K xx

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