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Positive Affirmations

Sometimes, however hard we try, our mind likes to think in a negative way. For fertility this can be detrimental, as cortisol, “The stress hormone” will start to enter the body. Cortisol is our internal enemy, the devil and absolutely something we could do without encouraging into our bodies. It has been proven by scientists that raised Cortisol levels can interfere with immune function, blood pressure, brain function… and the list goes on.

One of the many things to be hindered by the dreaded stress hormone is Fertility.. my passion. So in the next few paragraphs I am going to try to help you combat the negativity and start an endorphin “the positive feeling” frenzy. Here is what I am proposing …. start the day with 5 Positive Affirmations. An affirmation can be a word, a sentence, a line of a song, the choice is yours… but.. there is 1 rule… negatives are banned. Can’t.. won’t.. don’t.. etc are forbidden, try to fill your thoughts with positives. Here we go.. let’s try a few :

  • I love my womb

  • My eggs are healthy and strong

  • I am ready to bring a beautiful soul into this wonderful world

  • Every day I am healing my body to prepare my womb, my body and my mind

  • My womb is a happy, healthy environment for my baby to grow

  • I believe I can change my fertility and I will

  • I design my own destiny

  • I will fill my body with nourishing foods to help welcome a new life

  • I will fall pregnant, I have every faith in my body.

The list is endless, try to think of a few of your own. Maybe write down a negative thought that always pops into your mind, spend time trying to combat that thought with a positive, re write the words and that is your new affirmation.

Remember .. every morning start your day in a positive way… I will share my favourite affirmation, which I say in my mind at the end of every treatment 💗💗

Woman I am, woman I be heal my womb and set me free…

Woman I am, woman I be, heal this womb and set her free.

Much love …… K 💗

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