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In a world of processed food and high sugar pre-made meals, figuring out how to move back to nutritious home made food can be daunting!


My Fresh Start Plan features 7 days of meals that are easy to make, delicious and importantly, packed full of all the vitamins and minerals to improve your health, vitality and fertility!


If there are meals that aren't suited to your tastes! Don't worry, simply choose the meals you do enjoy and add them to your current life! Each meal will help you step away from the super processed life we lead and towards your health and fertility goals!


It includes:


  • A complete step by step guide to creating each meal.
  • Full ingredient shopping lists to make your shop quick and efficient
  • Complete macro details for each meal so you know how much Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates you are eating.
  • A MyFitnessPal barcode for each meal allowing you to instantly track your calories!

The Fresh Start Plan

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