Sports and Injury Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage is an effective form of physical therapy, involving manipulation of soft tissue to benefit a person engaging in regular physical activity.


Sports massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissue that are caused by a variety of different factors including repetitive and strenuous physical activity, trauma or just from day to day activities.

The principal aims of sports massage are:

• The enhancement of a person’s performance
• The prevention of injury
• Relieve day to day problems
• The recovery of an athlete after an event

Benefits of Sports Massage


Sports massage is not only for active sports people, or those requiring therapy after a soft tissue injury, but also for those people seeking relief from muscle tension or requiring massage for the maintenance of healthy muscles.

Athletes with injuries or problems that are inhibiting performance will find that the stimulating effects of sports massage encourage the healing process. Recreational and competitive athletes following a regular training programme will benefit during recovery, and through the early detection of any problem arising from training sessions.


Non sports participants with stresses and strains of day to day life will find tension relief from regular treatments along with psychological benefits.


Psychological benefits of sports massage:
• Reduces tension
• Reduces anxiety
• Prepares athlete for the challenge ahead
• Mentally relaxing
• Reduces pain


Physical / Mechanical benefits of sports massage:
• Improves flexibility
• Reduces swelling
• Stretches soft tissue
• Relieves muscle tension


Many Conditions can benefit from a sports massage including:
• Sciatica
• Frozen shoulder
• Tennis/Golfer’s elbow
• Back Pain
• Repetitive strain injury
• Muscle spasms and cramps
• Joint pain
• Arthritis