Custom Corrective Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

When your feet hurt, you hurt all over… and you know that painful feet can cause further problems higher up the biomechanical structure such as, ankles, knees, back, hip and neck pains.


We take for granted how hard our feet actually work every day, so we should take care of them.

The foot is a highly complex structure, which is very strong, produces balance, allows weight baring and movement of the human body.


It not only acts as the foundation for the whole body, but also, its structure can affect your entire body.


The slightest misalignment can cause many painful conditions such as:

• Shin Splints
• Back Problems
• Knee / Hip / Ankle Pain
• Bunions
• Claw / Hammer toes
• Heel / Ball of Foot Pain
• Achilles Tendonitis
• Morton’s Neuroma and Many More

What are Orthotics


All of the above can certainly be helped with custom corrective orthotics, but may even cure the condition.


An Orthotic is a device placed inside the shoe with the purpose of returning the gait to its natural position. The orthotics we use are tailor made to your individual needs, rather than buying standard ones from outlets, a cast is taken of your foot then advanced laser scanning technology is used… From there a polypropylene orthotic is produced which will fit comfortably inside your footwear.

The smallest change in your foot position can cause severe discomfort as well as affecting your hobbies, sport, work and every day to day activities which is why the orthotics can be tailored to your complete life style

Types of orthotics available:

• Casual – Designed for more casual shoes such a loafers or flat lace ups.
• Sport – Designed for extra shock absorption from the impact of sports and every day gym workouts. Can also be worn in trainers for general wear and comfort.
• Dress – For smart ladies shoes or men’s formal footwear.
• Fashion -Tapered for ladies court shoes/high heels and additional padding in the ball of the foot area.
• Golf – Designed to cope with the various terrains and a perfect fit into golf shoes. Patients have noticed an improvement in their technique and swing!
• Football – A slim fit model of our sports orthotic. This is perfect for football boots and other similar sports shoes such as cycling etc.
• Children – All the above styles can be catered for children.