Does diet really matter?

This is a question I am asked so frequently..... Lets discuss it.. I love this subject. Infertility has become increasingly common. Once upon a time, you probably wouldnt know someone struggling to conceive, now there are usually a few people suffering around you. The increase is so apparent, that there are now these wonderful support networks/groups that have been created to share grief and experiences associated with infertility. Over the years there have been many changes we (as humans) have made, which affect fertility. In my opinion some of the factors include technology, chemicals, stress levels, the age that couples are starting to try for a family (all of which I will elaborate on, i

Positive Affirmations

Sometimes, however hard we try, our mind likes to think in a negative way. For fertility this can be detrimental, as cortisol, “The stress hormone” will start to enter the body. Cortisol is our internal enemy, the devil and absolutely something we could do without encouraging into our bodies. It has been proven by scientists that raised Cortisol levels can interfere with immune function, blood pressure, brain function… and the list goes on. One of the many things to be hindered by the dreaded stress hormone is Fertility.. my passion. So in the next few paragraphs I am going to try to help you combat the negativity and start an endorphin “the positive feeling” frenzy. Here is what I am propos

Could It Really Work???

6 years ago I left my job managing gyms and decided to venture out alone.. self employed as a Sports Massage Therapist.. no clients .. no venue but I was absolutely determined to make this work. Within no time I realised this was the BEST decision of my life, I had two clinics and was loving it ! I soon qualified in Pregnancy Massage as this was a contraindication in my previous qualification. I thought my life was complete until one day a lady messaged me, asking if I offered “Fertility Massage”, in which my reply was “I have never heard of it, but I will Google it”. 6 weeks later, I was in Deal, Kent about to start my new journey, apprehensive and skeptical. Thinking…. Could Fertility Mass

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