Kerry uses a unique combination of therapies to
improve your emotional and physical wellbeing.
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Hi I'm Kerry!

I specialise in helping people who are struggling with primary and secondary infertility and also underlying conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, digestive and many other health issues. I do so with a combination of lifestyle, nutritional, health and fitness therapies.

What my clients say:


"The advice and reassurance received from Kerry is second to none and she shared a great deal of knowledge with me that I had never received from the fertility clinic/researching online. After 4 treatments I had to cancel my 5th appointment due to morning sickness as we had fallen pregnant with our baby boy."

"...anyone having trouble trying to conceive whether it be natural or with help should see Kerry she has an amazing gift & is a wonderful lady. Not only are her massages relaxing, when you leave you feel different, in that your womb feels more & more ready which each session which in turn gives you the confidence to say I believe we can do this. Kerry you are amazing..."


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Clinic located in Tenterden, Kent, UK

Video consultations available worldwide

Lifestyle Fertility Therapy

Lifestyle Health Therapy

Tel / WhatsApp: 07973 458 989

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